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When a customer first calls we will normally ask a series of questions that will help us better diagnose what the issue may be. Sometimes we are able to help the customer solve the problem quickly on their own without much work. (We do not recommend that you attempt to fix your garage door on your own if it is a serious issue because garage doors are underneath a significant amount of tension. If you do not know what you are doing, you can become seriously injured.) If we are unable to assist the customer over the phone we will then ask when it is a convenient time for us come look at the garage door.

Once we have established a time to come and look at the garage door we will show up so we can do a full analysis. We will give you a fair & honest price-point based upon our assessment of your garage door. You as the homeowner will always have the option to repair or replace your garage door. Everything Garage Doors can install a new garage door for you or we can just repair your existing garage door to make it functional again. We will always try to advise you on what will be in your best interests and give you the choice of what to do. Everything Garage Doors tries to weigh the benefits of a new garage door versus the costs of repairing the old garage door. Most of the time we are able to repair your current garage door opposed to having you buy a new one to have it installed. Once you choose for our company to do the garage door work we will complete the job in a safe, efficient, and professional manner. When the work is completed we will submit the final bill to you for payment.

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