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Garage Door Repair — When repairing a garage door, we know the right steps to take to ensure your garage door continues to work correctly for a long time. Trust the experts at Everything Garage Doors to take care of your garage door repair.

Garage Door Installation Plano

Garage Door Installation — Everything Garage Doors is a full service garage door installation company. We install all shapes, sizes and types of garage doors. If you want a wooden garage door, steel garage door, or metal garage door we can show you a wide range of options that you have and you can choose the option that works best for your budget and wishes.

Garage Door Opener Repair — Doing repair work to a garage door opener system is one of the most common types of calls that we get. There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with a garage door opener. This is one of the things that is not easy for a homeowner to diagnose. We are experts with almost any and all makes and models of garage door openers. We will be able to repair your garage door opener quickly if it is able to be repaired.

Garage Door Conversions — We can help you convert your garage door system to a standard torsion spring system.

Cable Off Drum Repairs — Sometimes your cable can come off of your cable drum on your garage door system. This is normally a sign of another problem taking place within your garage door system that we will be able to determine upon further inspection.

Circuit Board Replacement — This can be a worst case scenario for a garage door opener. The circuit board is what allows your garage door opener to send signals to your garage door system. If the rest of the garage door opener is performing correctly then the replacement of the circuit board may be necessary.

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Gear and Sprocket Replacement — If there is an underlying issue with your garage door system the gear teeth on your gear and sprocket system can become stripped. This will not allow your garage door to open or close because the gear is not able to get proper grip to move the door. Replacing the gear and sprocket system on your garage door is something we will be more than happy to take care of for you.

Coupler Replacement — Couplers are a crucial part of keeping tension on your garage door springs. We replace a large number of brands couplers.

Garage Door Service Plano TX

Screw Driver Opener Carriage Replacement — This is the piece of your garage door where you will normally have a small rope with a handle at the end of it. This piece has a set of small teeth that fit into your garage door to allow it to move up and down. If your garage door has issues these teeth can become stripped over time. These are typically quick to replace and we will be happy to assist you with replacing this key piece of your garage door system if it is necessary.

Sensor Alignment or Replacement — Your alignment sensors are what tells your garage door that it is okay to let your garage door close. If you have faulty sensors or sensors that are no aligned then your garage door will not allow you to close. Realigning your sensors is a very quick process but replacing them can take a little bit longer.

RPM Sensor Replacement — A RPM sensor is what regulates the speed in which your garage door moves. You will notice a significant difference in your garage doors ability to operate if the sensor does not work.

Motor Starting Capacitor Replacement — A motor starting capacitor is the equivalent of a fuse for an electrical system. We will replace the faulty motor starting capacitor if that particular repair needs to be made to your garage door system.

Those are some of the services that we provide on a regular basis. We look forward to working with you to determine what garage door repair needs you may have.

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